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U N L O C K - Kenshin App by mewmew012 U N L O C K - Kenshin App by mewmew012


Revaaaamp~ :iconyaygilbirdplz:

Finally finished making the shugo chara, he's so lame tho :iconimsotiredcryplz:



Name: Oshiro, Kenshin



Nickname: Call him whatever you want, as long as it’s not anything mean .



Age:  17


Gender: Male



Birthday: 21/07



Height/Weight: 5”12/ 150 lbs



Year: 3rd Year



Nationality:  Japanese


Roommate/Housemate: Tsukino, Naoki UL: Tsukino Naoki App



Club: Music





                Polite – He is very polite to everyone, even if he can’t stand the person.


                Traumatic mutism – He was traumatized as a child which made him become a mute. He carries a whiteboard around with him. Once he is comfortable with his surroundings, he may eventually speak. But at the moment, he will only speak or sing to himself if he is completely alone.


                Animal lover – He adores animals, because he can be himself around them and they won’t judge him.


                Shy – He has always been very shy around new people and won’t speak to them. (see Traumatic Mutism)





+ Music


+ Animals


+ Friendship/love


+ Disney


- Rude people


- Large bugs


- Speaking in public





    He was born into a middle class family, not too poor, but not very rich. He has two younger sisters, both eleven years old. He was once very talkative, and would talk to anyone. When he was about six years old, he was talking to a stranger about Disney movies, and the stranger said he would let him watch all the movies he wanted at his house. He was kidnapped for two months before the police caught the kidnapper. Since that day, he rarely ever spoke to anyone other than his sisters.


    As years went by, he still suffers from his traumatic mutism. One day his parents told him that they were going to send him to Seiyo Academy in hopes that he may finally open up and speak. He was very excited by this news, wishing that this school will help him. The next morning, he found an egg in his bed. He was very confused by this, as human males do not lay eggs. But it was warm, he knew there was something inside it, so he made sure it stays safe. It has yet to hatch, but we will see what happens soon enough.


Quote: “I hope I’m not a bother.” (via writing on a mini whiteboard)



 Relationships:  TBA



 Voice: TBA





                He can play the piano and violin, while his sisters play cello and trumpet.


                He can understand English.


                His sisters are identical twins.


                His zodiac is Cancer.


                He wants to sing in front of a crowd someday.





 Name:  Wakana (I know it's a girl's name lol)



 Gender: Male



 Would be Self:  Musician/Singer



 Personality:  Loud, humorous, musical, and a little hot-headed







-Being called a girl



Quote:  “Shut up! I’m not a girl!”



 Voice: TBA



 Extra: TBA

TopHatta Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for updating your application! You are set to go for the activity check. 
As for redrawing your bae, credit has been awarded in the registry!
da-stalka Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist
:iconhandspazzplz: lovely boy right here

totally should rp with you

my baby needs more friend and enemies :iconduckyrunplz:
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